As successor of LTE, the fourth generation of mobile phones, should the 5G network support mobile communications revolutionize. If the difference to the old net will be noticeable at allwe cannot yet say. The test phase with the new network has already begun this year and from 2020 5G will be established in Germany and many other countries as the new standard in mobile communications. However, it will take some time before this can be used privately, due to many changes.


But what do the changes look like for us and does the new technology have a different purpose than a faster transmission of mobile data? 


The 5G technology guarantees the digitalization of many areas of life. It should be 100x faster than its predecessor and make real-time transmissions possible. Not only can images and videos be downloaded faster, but it also has many advantages for everyday life and industry 4.0.  
In cooperation with Samsung we have started a new challenge with the topic “5Gfor Society”. This is about the new mobile generation and how to use it to create social value. Students from various disciplines, (Jung-)Researchers and student startups were sought, to deliver innovative and sustainable ideas. The proposed solutions can go in all directions and there are no limits to the participants. From autonomous driving to medical matters, everything can be influenced by the new technology! 


The influence of many Ranges


Not only that autonomous vehicles can react faster in dangerous situations. Through faster communication, traffic flow can be improved and road safety increased. Resources are conserved and harmful emissions are reduced. Because of the controlled position on the roads, there is an increased interlinking of different modes of transport. The traffic volume in logistics is reduced by highly efficient route and transport planning. For example, the reaction is faster if a certain road is heavily used or a route cannot currently be used.  
Except from the delivery, the incoming and outgoing goods of the goods can be observed completely and in real time. This helps to automate production processes and immediately eliminate malfunctions. Individual devices and systems will be able to communicate with other robots independently. Continuous data exchange will become more and more important. Since employees no longer have to worry about the control system, saves the industrial manufacturing many resources.  


In agriculture, the processes are already partially intelligently networked. Services such as optimum fertiliser and harvesting strategies or extensive process automation can soon be achieved. As well as the “Smartfarming” does not seem so distant anymore due to the 5G technology. Up-to-date information about the soil is displayed on self-propelled tractors and supports the farmer in efficient farming.


The power supplies also benefit from their advantages. 5G can be used to expand and control supply networks. This enables the implementation of intelligent building technologies such as heating system control or the monitoring of supply infrastructures such as water and sewage systems. 
The scope for the use of 5G technology in healthcare is not exactly small either. From the networking of ambulances, to hospitals and traffic, to remote treatment and telemonitoring, from long-term patients to video-based medical consultations. 
The inhabitants of cities will feel the impact of the changes. As the population increases, 5G will also bring more capacity and the mobile network in cities will be able to handle a large number of benefits at the same time. So if you want to share a story about the beautiful fireworks with your followers on New Year’s Eve, you won’t have a problem here despite the crowd.



These were already some ideas that experts are already working on. How can 5G still be used to create added value for society? What possibilities are still open to us?

We are looking forward to the submissions and the further challenge process. On our platform you can see what ideas have been submitted and what progress has been made (here you can go directly to the challenge on the platform). Through our social media channels you can also track which team and with which idea won the challenge at the end. Under the hashtag #solvefortomorrow the teams will take you behind the scenes, so feel free to drop by there too.

We are looking forward to the coming time, wish all teams much success!:-)

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