A weekend, a team, a trip to a distant house – the result is a strategy for the coming year 2020.

Last weekend we, the complete ekipa team, organized an offsite.
What is that?
The name suggests it.
We rented a little house near Marburg. Far away from the office, only accessible via a field path, hardly any or no network. So that we can work on various topics undisturbed. The aim of the excursion was to review the past months and plan the coming year.

Surprisingly, this worked out more than well.

Saturday at noon we started with the intro to show the development of ekipa once again. How did everything start, what happened already, who was part of the team so far, what successes and setbacks were there and much more.
The summary of the past one and a half years ran into the evening.
There was a lot of laughter, discussion and a bit of emotion at one point or another. At a joint pizza, we toasted with a mulled wine and the evening passed.

On Sunday the day began with a breakfast together, then the team was divided into small working groups and different topics were discussed. At first this seems rather unspectacular and one wonders why we have to drive away.

Besides the teambuilding aspect, there are many more positive experiences we have had.

When you not only meet at work, but also talk to each other about the topics in your private environment, you have a whole new effect.
The relaxed atmosphere made it possible, for example, to list processes from A to Z, to separate them and to restructure them.
Away from the usual brainstorming stories, towards intensive discussions of the themes for the coming year.

Such a change of scenery brings with it many new ideas and impulses. It takes place not only physically, but also psychologically. The whole team was surprised how effective such a meeting can be. Countless postings on windows, doors and walls resulted in many new ideas.

In addition to very extensive stations such as strategic orientation, network support and the project management process, there were also more relaxed and creative points such as planning for the new office or event management.
After passing through the stations, we had another meal together and in the evening one or two rounds of beer pong.
On Mondays we reviewed the weekend at breakfast and discussed the next steps.
Now it’s time to implement the new ideas we’ve collected. The teams from the stations are responsible for the respective implementation and let the others participate in the weekly meeting.

What will happen in 2020?

We have thought about some new ways to expand our community and the network. Besides new features on the platform and additional tools, there will be some things the ekipa-crowd can look forward to.
Furthermore, we will restructure a little and expand the product range to enable innovations.
Furthermore it will be exciting internally, we will move into our new office in the first months. This will be a very big step, which we are very much looking forward to. But we don’t want to reveal too much, we will take you with us for all the steps we take. So follow us on our social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram and stay up to date.


We have finished a very exciting and eventful year and are looking forward to the next one.

We look back on interesting challenges that we were able to carry out in 2019.

We would like to thank all our customers, partners and supporters for a good year.

We are happy about every new platform user and welcome everyone.

We are delighted that our business model is so well received and how many people we have given the opportunity to drive innovation.

To an equally fun and successful 2020!

Your ekipa team

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