Our platform will be online from the first of October 2018 and anyone can register as an innovator for free. The University Battle is just around the corner and you finally have the opportunity to measure yourself against real problems and grow.

To make it as easy as possible for you to get started, here is a short introduction.

If you haven’t heard of the University Battle 2018 yet, you can look it up again here.



Registration is child’s play. You only need the full name, your e-mail address and a password of your choice. After the first registration, you will receive a confirmation link by e-mail, with which you can activate your profile.


Innovator Profile

The next step is to set up your innovator profile. In addition to specifying your university and department, you can also choose from an existing list of skills. This list contains common skills. In general, you can also enter individual skills independently of the list. The skills are used to enable other participants to evaluate whether you fit into their team or whether other participants are suitable for your team. You also have the option to link your LinkedIn account and telephone number to the Innovator profile. Otherwise, we recommend you to upload a profile picture of yourself. This will make the innovator profile more confidential and increase your likelihood of being accepted or requested by teams.


Challenges and Teams

On the navigation bar at the top of the platform, you will find the button “Challenges”. Here you get an overview of the first two Challenges of the University Battles. At the latest from 16.11.2018 further challenges will be added here. The overview gives you a brief overview of the two challenges, including the schedule and the amount of the prize money. Click on the pink “Learn more” button to go directly to the Challenge Interface. The categories “Letter”, “Criteria” and “About Us” inform you about the details of the Challenge and the client.

In the same line on the right, you will find the button “Teams”. This sub page contains an overview of the already participating teams. You can also create your team on this sub page (you can also access the “Teams” sub page via the “Participate” button in the interface). The joining of a team takes place via a request process, in which you optionally ask a team to join with a text. The requested team directly receives a message with an overview of your innovator profile, i.e. name, university and skills. Before you can create or join a team, all you have to do is accept the terms and conditions (no washing machines).


Found or join?

It makes no difference whether you create a team or join a team because every team member has the same rights. To join a team, it is sufficient for one team member, representing the entire team, to accept the request. If you as a team are dissatisfied with one or more members, you can report this to us. We will check your report and find a solution.

A team must consist of at least two people and may not exceed five members. For each challenge, you can only participate with one team, but there is the possibility to participate in several challenges with different teams.

If you want to register with a student initiative or a student council, just write a short mail to hello@ekipa.de and we will create a team profile for you.

The challenges are limited in time, therefore you should inform yourself in time when an idea can be submitted.


FAQ and help

Should you have any problems with the operation of the platform, further help is available. An interactive side chat with our IT department will answer your questions and help you to get a foothold on the platform. Otherwise, you will find the button “FAQ” at the top of the navigation bar. This will redirect you to the FAQ area on our homepage. Here you will find basic questions that we have already answered in detail for you. You will also get tips from us, e.g. how to make your profile more attractive, how to find a team faster and what advantages it has to found a team yourself.


Sounds awesome, right?

We wish you a happy success and look forward to your ideas!

Only who participates can win.

Register now!

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