Who am I?

Hi, my name is Sophie, I am 22 years old and currently a student at the Technical University of Central Hesse in Giessen. I’m studying Social Media Systems in its final stages, which means that I’ve learned everything about social media and marketing – now it’s time to apply all this in an internship.

Since 15.09.2020 I am part of the ekipa team.

During my internship I will support the area of Social Media Marketing and help for example with content planning or community management. In the next time I will accompany my tasks and insights with blog posts. For this I will deal with different topics around and at ekipa. If you have any wishes or suggestions, feel free to write them in the comments.

My arrival at ekipa

I was very excited before my first day at work – but the excitement vanished after a warm welcome. Pia first showed me my workplace.

I got my own desk with my own laptop, with a small plant and a wonderful view into the courtyard. I was very happy about that!

Here is a picture ⇒

I already knew the office from my job interviews, but afterwards we went on a comprehensive office tour, from the meeting room to the garbage station in the basement – I tell you, it’s an experience down there.

In order to get to know ekipa and the team better, I got a questionnaire in the first week, which contained questions about each department, but also about my job as an intern.

At first I answered the questions on my own and then discussed and optimized them with each employee. With this method I was able to have a conversation with each of my colleagues and also got to know their tasks in the start-up.

My tasks at ekipa

I will probably complete my internship at ekipa by the beginning of February. My tasks during this time will revolve around social media. My first big long-term task is to manage the Instagram account of ekipa. On Instagram I accompany my internship, but also the daily work behind the scenes in the form of daily stories – sometimes more, sometimes less serious, because funny things happen at work, too. Nevertheless, we want to show our community what happens in our startup in everyday work.

Besides Instagram, I’m working on general content planning on social media.

The content is planned individually for each social media channel, which means that the approach on Twitter or LinkedIn is not the same as on Instagram. Although social media marketing is mostly digital, we like to brainstorm with postits on the wall, so we can develop more creative approaches.



When projects are pending, I am involved in community management and supervise the teams. As you can see, there is a lot to do and it will definitely remain exciting.

The next blog posts

In the next blog posts I will present the results of the discussions with the employees. This way you will not only learn more about my first weeks as an intern at ekipa, but also more about the other divisions around the company. Until then you are very welcome to join me on the Instagram account ekipa.de and under the hashtag #WORKIPA and find out what we do every day.

See you next time,



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