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last week was busy again. I shot some interviews for the Team Tuesday and edited them afterwards. Meanwhile I enjoy editing videos very much and I would say that the expression ‘learning by doing’ fits better on few programs than on Premiere. Last week Thursday was our monthly team event. For this we had planned a game evening in the office. We all had dinner together and played different games afterwards. As you can imagine, it was a very funny evening! Monday was my first day in the home office due to the new development of the Corona situation.

We now coordinate when we come to the office and when the work can also be done from home so that we are not all on site at the same time.

Home office was a completely new experience for me – sleeping longer, with a dog in the basket next to me, but it’s a different work than in the office with the whole team.

This blog post is about project management at ekipa.

When a project is put online, there’s a lot more work involved than is initially expected. At the beginning ekipa discusses with the company which topic should be covered in the project and in which format it will be published. For this the project management team prepares a briefing. It is important that the briefing integrates the requirements of the company and is understandable for the participants. After that, the participants will be recruited for the project. Participants are approached either via social media marketing or directly, for example, if they are in the Alumni Club or have already taken part in a challenge. Parallel to this, workshops are held at cooperating universities and community management is carried out on the ekipa platform.

During the ongoing project the teams are accompanied by ekipa.

Once the teams have submitted their ideas, it is up to ekipa to forward the team ideas to the companies or to make a pre-selection. Afterwards the teams are informed if they are qualified for the next phase. At the same time further events like the Bootcamp or pitch event are organized. Even if these events are currently being held digitally, it is still important to think about the timing, because there are some participants who do not live in the European time zone.

Another part of project management is to support the teams during the different project phases. Last week I presented our formats to you and you are welcome to read them again in my blog post. ekipa is in direct contact with the teams during the whole project and often even afterwards and answers their questions. In addition to that, participants are explicitly included in the Alumni Club.

Would you like to know who works in project management with us? Then take a look at our Instagram Profile, where we introduce a team member of ekipa every Tuesday. Last week we introduced project manager Lisa.

You can also contact me directly on our Instagram channel if you have any questions! See you next week!

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