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My last week

Hi ekipa-crowd,

my second week as an intern at ekipa is over, I have experienced a lot. On the one hand I published my first blog post. Except for modules in my studies I didn’t have much experience in writing blog posts yet, so I was pretty excited when I uploaded my first one. The blog post is about the first week in my internship. Feel free to read it and let me know what you think! On the other hand, under the hashtag #workipa, I take over the Instagram account from ekipa. To provide you with new and exciting content in the best possible way, I worked out a basic strategy last week – be curious what you can expect there!

On Friday the second episode of our Innovation Talk Peak was launched, there was a lot to do, for example we prepared and published postings for our social media accounts Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

On Pinterest, I created a pinboard about internships, I like to post motivating sayings or tips and tricks for the daily work, you are also welcome to drop by.

Here you can see some impressions of my postings:

Enough of my review.

Today’s blog post is about the team culture at ekipa.

Our office is located in the heart of Frankfurt, in the Corona time we work differently from home or in the local office. Our team works in different areas from sales, project management, IT and design to social media marketing. In order to keep each other up to date, we have various meetings throughout the week and month.


Every day at ten o’clock we meet with all employees in the office and hold the ‘Daily’. In the Daily, we discuss everything that has to be done during the day. In turn, each employee presents his or her daily schedule and communicates when support is needed. In order to keep our circulation going in the morning and then to be able to start work straight away, we have been holding the ‘Daily’ standing up since this week. The Daily is introduced with a surprise song. The aim of the Daily is to ensure that all employees are familiar with the daily tasks and the workload of the others.

Jour Fix

Once a week, the ‘Jour Fix’ takes place in each division. In this meeting, the last week is recapitulated and tasks are distributed and the status quo is analyzed – which things are going well? What other things can be changed? Each business unit sets itself scheduled goals for the next week.


The ‘Monthly’ takes place, as the name suggests, once a month, usually on a Monday. This meeting is scheduled a little longer. Each division prepares a small presentation by introducing the last month. Depending on the division, this may be numbers, successes or general statistics. Through the Monthly, we employees get an overview of the general events at ekipa and a detailed insight into what our colleagues achieve every day.

After the Monthly we usually go out for lunch together – the best lunch break of the month, hihi.

Single Monthlys

The whole thing also happens again individually. The ‘Individual Monthlys’ take place between us employees and the person responsible for the respective division. Feedback is very important at ekipa and is also very important in the cooperation with each other.

Team event

The team event takes place once a month on a Thursday evening. At the team events we try to hide the work and do something with the whole team. For the next team event, a big game evening is planned – of course I will tell a story or two about it, I’m looking forward to it!

I hope I could give you an insight into our team culture and how we work together at ekipa. To get even more insights into the ekipa office, follow our Instagram story on

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