What is ekipa?

We are ekipa, a startup from Frankfurt am Main and we connect the digital generation with established companies and organizations. ekipa is an open innovation platform where digital natives, i.e. mainly students, young professionals, young researchers and startups develop innovations together with companies and organizations.

What innovation formats are available on the platform?

On our platform you will find challenges on very different topics. From the digitalization of analog industries or products, the development of new business models to the development of strategies, concepts or prototypes, everything is covered. However, all our challenges have one thing in common: They all deal with future topics that no one else can solve as well as you can: young, ambitious people with great ideas.

How is the potential of my developed solution assessed?

Each project has its own criteria and specifications for solutions.

If you want to have a better chance of winning a challenge, you should try to use these criteria and guidelines as a basis for developing solutions. You can always find these guidelines in the challenge briefing on the respective landing page of the challenge on our platform.

Do I receive a certificate by participating in a Challenge?

Everyone who participates in a project and submits an idea will receive different participation confirmations and certificates depending on their progress.

Onboarding - your start at ekipa

How do I register? Which data can or must I enter?

First of all, the registration takes place via the button “Register” on the start page. Then you have to enter your name, your mail address and a password with at least 6 characters. Before you can now participate in a challenge, you must complete your Innovator’s profile. Here you can enter your background and your university, for example.

Then you have to enter the most important information: Your skills.
These are used to find suitable team members for you in certain challenges and to show other potential team members and teams what you can contribute to a great solution. So think carefully about which skills you are indicating and how you describe them. In addition, you can optionally link your LinkedIn profile and enter your phone number.

How are teams being matched?

The teams are composed in two different ways. Either you can create a team yourself, for example if you already have a solution idea or you already know which innovators you want to join a team with. Or you can join an already existing team. For this all existing teams are displayed. You can also see which skills the individual team members have and which skills they still need in their team. This is a perfect basis for your decision which team you want to join the Challenge with.

If you can’t find a team that suits you in a challenge, you can also contact us via the chat on the platform so that we can help you with team matching.

Can I also participate on my own?

In certain challenges and formats, you can also compete alone. This is regulated individually for each project.

Can I register as a team directly?

This is currently not (yet) possible. However, this is a function that is planned for the future, especially for teams that have already proven themselves in the constellation in other challenges and then want to work together again.

How can I start a team myself?

If you would like to found a team yourself, for example because you already have a great idea for a solution or already know which innovators you would like to join a team with, you can click on the “Participate” button in a challenge and then on the “Found a team” button. There you enter a team name, an optional description of your team and project as well as skills that are still needed in the team. Now your team is already created and other innovators on the platform can join your team.

How can I join a team?

In a challenge, under the tab “Teams”, you get an overview of all existing teams including the skills of the team members and a description of the project. Now you can submit a request to join a team you want to join. Optionally you can send a message to the team. As soon as one of the team members accepts you, you will be notified and will be part of the team immediately. The teams can decide about your admission on the basis of your profile and of your chat with the team members.

Is there any kind of team leader within my team with different assignments?

Although a team is always created by one person, no team has a “team leader”. Each team member has the same rights, for example, in confirming new team members or submitting solutions that each member must agree to.

Can I remove a member from the team?

No. However, you have the option of reporting individual team members to us at hello@ekipa.de if, for example, they do not participate adequately in the development of the solution. We then check each report individually and try to find a solution together with the team.

Is it possible to compete with several teams?

You can only compete with one team per challenge. So think carefully about which team and which team members you choose to have the best possible chance of winning each challenge.

ekipa Alumni Club

What is the ekipa Alumni Club?

The ekipa Alumni Club is an exclusive section of the entire ekipa community. The club is reserved for innovators who have excelled in previous formats or have qualified due to their extraordinary skills & profiles.

What can I do in the ekipa Alumni Club?

The Alumni Club focuses on networking opportunities, exchange with other innovators and participation in exclusive formats in the form of challenges or community events.

Why should I become a member of the ekipa Alumni Club?

The events of the Alumni Club offer the opportunity to network with exclusive partners, opportunities for joint implementation and prize money. You can make first-hand contacts with well-known companies and organisations and work together with them to drive forward innovations.

In addition, the Alumni Club offers you the opportunity to participate in exclusive formats such as Innovation Days, recruiting formats, networking events with interesting experts and the chance to network and exchange ideas with other innovators.

How do I become part of the ekipa Alumni Club?

If you have already taken part in one of our formats and are interested in the Alumni Club, just contact us and we can discuss your participation in a short phone call.

If you think your extraordinary skills and your profile qualify you for an ekipa Alumni Club membership, then send us your completed application template to alumniclub@ekipa.de.

Legal / Finance

What happens with IP and transfer of rights?

Since the projects and challenges as well as the possibilities for further cooperation after the project are very different, the legal framework is regulated individually. This means that each challenge and each project format has its own conditions of participation in which the legal framework is defined.

Do I have to pay money for participating on the platform?

No. As a participant you never have to pay any money on our platform.