How can we isolate and (re)use CO2? Develop innovative ideas or concepts with which CO2 could become an important raw material of the future and work together with EnBW on an important step towards a greener society!

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02.03.20 – 27.04.20

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Status Quo

The man-made increase in CO2 emissions is a serious global challenge. Even though attitudes have changed that measures to reduce CO2 emissions are necessary, the question remains: How can we shape the way to get there?

An approach that is becoming increasingly important revolves around the question of whether CO2 must necessarily be considered a pure waste product or whether CO2 could be more than that?

In general, CO2 fulfils the essential criteria for a circular economy: Like solid waste, it is an undesirable by-product of production and consumption, which is produced in large quantities and can be separated, transported and stored.

But are there also intelligent and sustainable uses and applications that create economic added value and generate demand for the resource CO2?

More and more sources say yes! They argue that CO2 does indeed have many potential uses and market options in areas such as (building) materials, industry, chemicals, plastics, fuels, agriculture or even food, which are not fully exploited today!

The Challenge

EnBW is looking for sustainable approaches around the topic of Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU), which can help to overcome the current technical, commercial and/or financial barriers. This leads us to two key questions:


Is CO2 a valuable raw material that we can separate from industrial processes or even from the air and reuse sustainably?

Is it therefore possible to create a closed carbon cycle in the long term as a central element of a circular and greener economy?

The Job

Let yourself be inspired by different directions:

Promote the process of CO2 use to enable innovations along the entire CO2 cycle! Whether as direct reuse in production, recycled product, new business model or concept for a circular economy, you can choose for yourself.

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