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Envision a future customer: What kind of innovative use cases can improve the customer experience for DB travelers? Identify new opportunities along the DB customer journey, get your team €25.000 and create the future of travel!

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23.04.2019 – 24.07.2019


Collaboration with Deutsche Bahn

€25.000 for each winning team

Status Quo

AI, VR and other technology trends come at us in a more and more accelerated pace leading to the most remarkable change since the industrial revolution.

We´ll have more knowledge (from AI to genomics), we’ll share more (from stories on Social Media to cars on Uber), we’ll automate, monitor and customize more. We’ll live more flexible, more connected (digitally) and all in all faster than ever before.

The Challenge

That’s what the Deutsche Bahn aims for: Creating the best possible experience for all of their different customers (12 Million daily) and in every step of the respective customer journey – while they’re on the train, during their transit time or at the stations!

DB mindbox is looking for innovative solutions along the DB customer journey that are based on AI. This could be digital products and solutions based on AI as well as hardware approaches that are brought to life by AI. In order for artificial intelligence to make travel easier, intelligent solutions from clever minds are needed. And that is exactly where you come in!

Because these clever minds are often to be found in young startups or at universities: DB mindbox is looking for and promoting exactly such talents with this challenge.
Therefore the goal is to make travel more convenient, plannable and enjoyable with the help of technically and especially AI-based applications.

The Job

Your job is to provide an innovative use case along the DB customer journey that is based on future customer needs!

To give you some inspiration we listed four tracks and trends that could guide your work and help you to answer the question: What is your idea to improve the DB travel experience and make the time with DB as enjoyable as possible?

  • Immersive, Mixed Environments
  • Exponential Intelligence
  • On-Demand Customization
  • Your Identified Trend