No matter if you are a student, a researcher, a new team or an early-stage startup:
Collaborate with EnBW Innovation to take action for one of the main challenges of our time. Come up with an innovative and viable business case that tackles greenhouse gases, reduces pollution and fights climate change in our urban environment! Be the spark that lights up the future!

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22.07.2019 – 23.09.2019

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1st Place: 5.000 Euros

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Status Quo

Climate change caused by greenhouse gases and pollution in our environment is undoubtedly one of the most pressing issues our global community is facing today.

Already today, urban centers are responsible for 75% of global energy consumption and 80% of greenhouse gas emissions, while about 50% of the world’s population live and work in cities – predicted to even grow to nearly two-thirds in 2050.

The Challenge

Solutions to climate change, environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions have to come from both directions:  top-down (from legislations) and bottom-up – from our individual actions!

We need accelerated bottom-up actions to reach faster and sustainable progress towards a more efficient and thus more climate-friendly and more worthwhile living environment! There is a huge need for innovations and viable business cases that are self-sustaining, reduce environmental damage and add up to a big effect!

Innovation, therefore, must come from different directions like behavioral and lifestyle changes, lower energy consumption through new ways of business, or new technical solutions!

The aim of this project is to generate and incubate bottom-up innovations that can lead to an eco-friendly urban environment.

The Job

In order to achieve this, you can take one out of five tracks to have an impact on our society and contribute to one of the biggest challenges we face today!

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