Develope a concept for a digital information product that appeals to a young target group!

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01.10.2018 – 25.01.2019

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1st Place: 5.000 Euros

2nd Place: 2.500 Euros

3rd Place: 1.500 Euros

Status Quo

So far, the F.A.Z. only reaches a small number of students with its products.

In order to change this and be a major source of the bright minds of the future for quality information in the future, the F.A.Z. needs your help!

The Challenge

The F.A.Z. must find a way to combine two different approaches!

On the one hand, our own standards, with values such as seriousness, quality and depth of content. On the other hand, a lower willingness to pay for information media, which goes hand in hand with a change in consumer behaviour: Faster and more superficial demand for information and a need for media and channel diversity.

The Job

In the self-conception of the F.A.Z. the clever minds play an important role:

One has the claim that on the one hand the articles and information are researched and prepared by clever heads, and on the other hand the clever heads of the population read also the F.A.Z.. And where are the clever minds of the future now? Especially in universities and colleges!