Develope a concept for a digital information product that addresses a young target group!

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12.11.2018 – 31.01.2019

20 tickets home match Eintracht Frankfurt
incl. stadium tour

1st Place: 2.500 Euros

2nd Place: 1.500 Euros

3rd Place: 1.000 Euros

Status Quo

In order to make the customer experience of the museum visitors more attractive in all areas and to attract even more visitors, you are in demand!

The state of Hesse challenges you to develope a vision for a museum 4.0 .

The Challenge

Design new concepts and strategies for real and digital innovations of existing cultural institutions and museums throughout Hessen:

From the Hessian state museums to Frankenstein Castle, from the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum to the castles and gardens.

The Job

Together with the Hessen Agentur and the state of Hessen, you will develope solutions for this challenge that are in one of these areas:

  • Analogues or digital (additional) products
  • Product packages or cross-institution business models
  • Communication or marketing measures

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