The “Innovate2030 – Digital Natives for a Sustainable Future”-Challenge is a pan-European innovation competition, which is run in cooperation with Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, and Dirk Messner, President of the Federal Environment Agency, in which the Digital Generation is invited to come up with new (digital) innovations in cooperation with established companies and organizations.

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The Project

Together with Peter Altmaier (CDU), German lawyer and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy and Dirk Messner, President of the Federal Environment Agency, we are running the pan-European Innovate2030 project row. Every six months, we will launch a new edition of the Innovate2030 Challenge, each focusing on a specific set of the SDGs.

In our daily actions we rely heavily on the use of the natural environment and resources in a way which is destroying our planet. Therefore, we must change the way we produce and consume things rapidly in all areas of life, which is why the first project of the row is oriented on the 12th SDG: “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns“

Part of the EU-Strategy on achieving the SDGs is the engagement of the civil society and other stakeholders – So, no matter if you are a student, start-up, researcher, or young professional, bring in your individual expertise and spirit to innovate concepts and new ideas for a secured future in which consumption and production is sustainable!  The key questions of the Innovate2030-Challenge are:  

  • What will sustainable consumption and production look like in the future and what changes can be identified? 
  • How can digital technologies help develop innovative solutions for our society?  

20,000 € prize pool + promotion of further implementation + chance for further cooperation with use case partners + 1,000€ Social Media prize + certificates

Use Cases

Together with our partners, we identified 8 different Use Cases based on the key questions of the challenge. You can choose between these real-life problems, apply your knowledge in practice and develop digital solutions that will benefit our society.


  • Qualification phase: 3rd May  5th July 2021


  • Calling the Finalists: 12th July 2021


  • (Digital) Bootcamp: 23rd July 2021


  • Elaboration phase: 26th July  31rd August 2021


  • (Digital) Final event: 8th September 2021


  • Publication: October 2021

Design Thinking Workshops

During the qualification phase we offer free, digital and interactive Design Thinking Workshops in which you will be supported by selected innovation experts and their methods. The Design Thinking Workshops consist of an educational part about the challenge, the respective use cases and the method of Design Thinking and an interactive part.  

In the interactive part you will be connected to other participants and guided through the different steps of Design Thinking to develop real concepts for the challenge. Overall, the workshop will take approximately 2-3 hours. You are free to use the results from the workshop for your submission, however it is not necessary if you want to submit a different concept. You are free to participate individually, with your existing team or we can match you together with other participants 


Barcamp Sessions

Keynote by Prof. Dr. Dirk Messner

Social Wall #INNOVATE2030

Watch outYour commitment on Social Media will also be rewardedWe will award a Social Media Prize between all participating teams after the successful completion of the projectThe team that documents its own project progress in the most exciting and creative way on social media will receive a prize of 1.000 EUR! 

And this is how it works – link the following hashtags under each post 

#INNOVATE2030 #Teamname on the Platform #InnovateChallengeAccepted 

You can participate via the common Social Media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The winner is the team that has most creatively documented its journey and efforts and achieved the most postings and likes until the final event. 


Impact Week is a non-profit program that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and intercultural exchange through Design Thinking.

With individual coaching and mentoring during the elaboration phase of the Innovate2030-Challegne, Impact Week will support the finalists to take their ideas and approaches to the next level.

A big part of Bechtle’s Vision 2030 is the motto “IT is our passion” and thus they are striving to support people like the Innovate2030 participants to accomplish future-oriented IT solutions.

With individual technical coaching and support during the elaboration phase of the Innovate2030-Challegne, Bechtle will support the finalists in order to deliver technical innovations.

Media - Press

Are you a journalist and would like to report on the Innovate2030 project?

You are welcome to download the project’s Social Media Kit and use the content available in it.

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