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Health has never been as important as it is today – both in terms of the overall economy and individually. Health is a megatrend, and health-related issues permeate all areas of everyday life: what we eat, what we consume, and how we work. For most people, health means feeling good and fit. Women and men alike define health as a balance of body, mind, and soul. Health – as even the so-called silver agers realize – is much more than not being ill.



The challenge is to identify and combine suitable digital and analog approaches in order to create a health and consulting concept that represents the best possible outcome for (potential) customers and paves the way for an innovative service center of the future. In doing so, regional peculiarities must also be taken into account, such as the different presence offerings for consultation in rural and urban areas. In addition, customers in rural areas often experience inadequate medical care.

What does the service center concept of the future look like, a concept that draws the greatest potential from the combination of the digital and physical world and thus enables the BKK VBU to successfully prove itself as an innovative and regional life improver and health pioneer for (potential) customers and to meet individual needs?


To solve this question you can orientate yourself by the following four focus areas, which serve as an introduction. The different tracks can be treated individually or combined with each other.

Digital services and offering

How can services and offerings be improved through digitization and new technologies in order to respond more specifically to the needs and wishes of (potential) customers? How can convenience be increased to free up more time for qualitative consulting, for example? How can personal consultation and support be made possible in the digital context?

Innovative consulting – life improvers

How can more people be reached and the quality of consulting be increased locally and digitally? Think about which innovative offers and products will help you to achieve this!

Regional offers and partnerships

What opportunities for cooperation and networking are there to enhance service centers and regional offers? Think about different offers with potential cooperation partners!

Employees internal integration and development

What skills does a customer advisor need to be perceived as a comprehensive health advisor? How can BKK VBU as an employer promote these skills? What opportunities are there for the further development of employees in the field of digitization to enable innova-tive digital services?


No matter from which field of study, whether you are a student, a career starter or a researcher: Your task is to convince the BKK VBU with your innovative idea that you are able to revolutionize consulting in the health industry!

1. Qualification-Phase: till 08.02.2021 (11:59 pm CET)

From this day on, you have the possibility to participate in the Challenge via our platform: You can compete as a lone fighter, form your own team and collaborate with colleagues or join an existing team. Whether alone or in a team, you have until 08.02.2021 at 11:59 pm to submit your solution via our platform.

2. Calling the finalists: 22.02.2021

At this point at the latest, BKK VBU will decide which participants will have the chance to participate in the final round of this challenge. A maximum of 6-8 participants or teams will be selected. All participants will be notified by e-mail.

3. Bootcamp & Pitch: 22.03.2021

The qualified finalists will be invited to a digital Bootcamp by BKK VBU.
On this day you will get a deeper insight into the work of BKK VBU, work with selected experts of BKK VBU on your idea, which you will present afterward.

Besides the distribution of the prize money of 5.000 Euro to the best teams, there is also the possibility of individual cooperation with BKK VBU beyond the challenge and the presentation of your solutions to the employees, in the annual report and in the members’ magazine. In addition, you have the chance to apply for an internship or a working student job at BKK VBU. After completing the Challenge, you will also have the chance for an internship or employment as a working student at BKK VBU and the chance to implement your solution together!


Am Ende der Challenge warten natürlich auch viele verschiedene Preise auf die prämierten Teams!

The winners should not leave the competition without a prize. A total of 5,000 € in prize money will therefore be distributed. The prize will be distributed to the three best teams or participants as follows:

1st place: 3.000€

2nd place: 1.500€

3rd place: 500€

Moreover we have created additional incentives for all those who want to achieve a long-term effect:

In addition to a digital participation, finalist or winner certificate from ekipa, you not only get the opportunity to present your solutions in the members’ magazine and in the annual report of BKK VBU – you also get the chance to present your solution in a meeting in front of employees of BKK VBU, for example at staff meetings! This can be done through various formats of the BKK umbrella organization, for example through BKK innovativ or health forums. After completing the Challenge, you will also have the chance for an internship or employment as a working student at BKK VBU and the chance to implement your solution together!