How can universities use their existing opportunities to create social added value in the current crisis situation?

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24.03.2020 – 22.04.2020

Approaches are played to suitable university, political and social actors and a rapid implementation is sought

Status Quo

For the first time in decades, we are currently facing a challenge that affects every single person worldwide!

The society is moving closer together in all its forms and thus tries together to meet the various challenges that COVID-19 brings with it. The education and research system is also facing an enormous challenge!

The Challenge

There is enormous potential, primarily in colleges and universities, to counter the virus and its effects on society as a whole.

Universities could support the prevention of virus spread and society’s handling of COVID-19 at different levels and use their resources and capacities (multifunctional). For orientation purposes, we have designed various over-categories in which we see potential. Perhaps the different tracks already inspire you, or you can think of new fields in which universities can use their potential. Of course you can also combine tracks or give your creativity free rein!

In addition, together with the initiatives MTP and sneep, we have developed the additional track of the student initiatives, where you can develop ideas and concepts around the current challenges in the fields of activity of the student initiatives.

The Job

Make your contribution to one of the greatest social challenges of our time!

You can use our platform to find new team members based on your defined problem or solution approach and work together on solutions.  We at StudySmarter and ekipa will support you after your submission to play your approaches to suitable university, political and social actors in order to achieve a quick implementation!

Further information on the University x Corona - Challenge