Shape the future of law – here you have the chance to innovate your idea.

Please note: The participation in the events is voluntary and not mandadory for your submission. 

Boost Legal Innovation is an international competition, which is run by the global law firm Baker McKenzie. The Digital Generation is invited to come up with digital and sustainable innovation in cooperation with established companies and organizations.
Based on concrete questions from the field of legal tech, we want to shape the future of law together with you.

Use Cases

Nemak Legal Tech in Carbon Pricing

How can an improved decision-making process regarding carbon pricing and greenhouse gas emissions be established by leveraging legal tech?

#CarbonPricing #RegulationTech #LegalCO2Tech

This is Legal Design – Legal Tech in AI Regulations

How can legal tech solutions enable corporates to identify and track governmental regulations as well as public opinion regarding AI to derive actionable business requirements?

#AIRegulations #ethicalAI #AIntegrity

WU Vienna– European Mobility Sandbox

How can innovative regulatory sandbox approaches provide a framework to test innovations and corresponding regulations in real life scenarios?

#autonomousmobility #regulatorysandboxes #legalinnovation

Baker McKenzie – Drive E-Mobility with Legal Tech

How can legal tech solutions enable informed and reliable business decisions in a more and more fragmented regulatory landscape regarding a shift towards e-mobility?

#e-mobility #emissionsreduction #greenlegaltech

Baker McKenzie – Navigator for Children in Crisis

Street children are some of the most vulnerable people on the planet. But just because these individuums are living on the street does not mean they can’t have any rights. Let’s take advantage of new opportunities in legal tech and help this group understand and utilize law as an helping hand and an enabler.

#childrensrights #streetchildren #youthrights

Baker McKenzie – Enable Drone Technology – in process and available soon

Drone Technology promises many benefits for society, be it in the area of medical or commercial delivery, the flow of goods or smart cities. As many regulations are outdated Innovative business models are necessary to facilitate technological progress and growth. Now is the time to develop new approaches that provide certainty and flexibility.

#dronetechnology #innovation #agilegovernance