Together with a leading TIER1 automotive supplier we are running the
Driving Electrification“-Challenge. 
The aim is to design an innovative
battery housing for electric vehicles and tackle current challenges
of the automotive industry

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20.07.2020 – 09.10.2020

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  15.000€ Total prize money

Status Quo

Due to the change of customer demands towards more sustainability and green energy, the automotive industry has to rethink its production, distribution and products.  

The trend of ecological sustainability tempts suppliers and OEMs to actively take their responsibility throughout the entire production and usage cycle of an automobile. Therefore, more and more manufacturers are expanding their product portfolio towards Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs).

But for this technology to become established in the long-term, it is important to overcome current challenges: Today, there is an urgent need for innovation regarding cost and price efficiency, range, charging times or durability.In this context, besides the well-known innovation efforts about the battery itself, there are also other challenges that have a major impact on the whole success of the technology shift.

The Challenge

The efficient integration of the battery into the vehicle, or even more specific: The battery housing.

The battery housing is one of the most important components for safety and longevity of the battery in an electric vehicle. 

Currently, there are different approaches and concepts available on the B2B markets, but because of the low stage of maturity and the fast implementation of electric engines, no specific standard-type of battery housings has been established yet.

This is where you come in: A leading TIER 1 automotive supplier is challenging you to come up with innovations towards the battery housing of the future.

The Job

Let yourself be inspired by different tracks:

The company already produces these battery housings in series and identified three different main pain points along the whole product life cycle where you can develop your ideas and approaches. It is up to you wich track you choose.

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