Together with Evonik, discover new ways to create and develop a promising specialty chemical which could help us provide better products for our daily lives.

With your ideas, unleash the potential of chemical methods or materials to empower Benzocaine (Et-PABA), and take part in Evonik’s discovery journey in the world of specialty chemicals.

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25.11.2019 – 03.03.2020

Evonik as a client or cooperation partner in business or research + Research scholarships

  10.000€ Total prize money

Status Quo

Benzocaine (Et-PABA) is mostly used in a wide range of medical procedures, for example, as a local anaesthetic, cough medicine, or analgesics. In non-pharmaceutical applications however, a wider use of Benzocaine is prevented, due to the high cost of its standard synthesis procedures.

For the synthesis of Benzocaine (Et-PABA), p-aminobenzoic acid „PABA“ in 99% purity is usually used by applying the so-called Fischer esterification reaction. Non-pharmaceutical applications of Benzocaine (Et-PABA), however, do not always benefit from a high purity of the synthesis material, which is achieved with a corresponding financial outlay.

The Challenge

Together with our partner Evonik Industries AG , we are looking for new ways to empower the potential of broader use of Benzocaine (Et-PABA) as well as its synthesis substance PABA.

The production of p-aminobenzoic acid, PABA, with a purity below 99% and above 95% with a corresponding lower cost has not been reported so far. At the same time, a broad selection of PABA substitutes is missing.

The Questions are: How can manufacturers use their capabilities and adapt them for an optimized PABA or Benzocaine (Et-PABA) production? By what means can PABA be produced with 95% purity in a more cost-efficient way, or can a substance be developed that is similar to PABA or Benzocaine (Et-PABA) in its chemical structure?

The Job

Let yourself be inspired by different tracks:

Find a way to empower PABA or Benzocaine (Et-PABA), to enable the promising capabilities of these chemicals for our everyday lives. It is up to you which track you choose.