„What will sustainable consumption and production look like in the future and what changes can be identified?
How can digital technologies help develop innovative solutions for our society? “

This is what the UN member states asked the world with its 12th Sustainable Development Goal “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns“, And this is what ekipa replied. 


A global challenge with global impact

Supported by Peter Altmaier (CDU), German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy and Dirk Messner, President of the Federal Environment Agency, we ran the first edition of the pan- European Innovate 2030 project in 2021.
The goal was to develop new solutions and innovations for the 12th SDG, involving the digital generation.

The Program was a great success. We generated the largest number of international participants so far and the companies selected the best solutions, which they now are implementing together with the teams. Due to our well-known political supporters we had a great reach and have taken the first important steps towards sustainable production and consumption. 



Getting to know our clients and setting up the goals 

Before we started the Program we made sure we knew and understood the companies and organizations ekipa was working with. Their potentials, their vision, their mission – what their essence was and what they were looking for by joining us. This way we made sure the Program would not only contribute to a global challenge but was also specifiacally customized to benefit each and everyone of the clients.  By bringing this Program into life, ekipa seeked to 

Bring benefitial outcomes on a global and individual level; the 12th SDG, the clients,
the participants and ekipa itself

Expand the customer base on an international scale

Find innovative, actionable solutions to make consump tion and production more sustainable.

Create awareness for the UN‘s Social Develoment Goals and demonstrate first practical approaches to their implementation 



Think globally, act locally 

The 12th Sustainable Development Goal striked out to us right away as it is a very current issue our society is facing right now, with a clear connection towards the Digital Generation
in regard to its solution. We felt that ekipa has the perfect community of Digital Natives to tackle these global Challenges and create a direct and big impact. Therefore, we felt like it was our duty /call/obligation to make this Challenge our own and contribute with all the knowledge our young and skilled network hato offer.
In order to achieve/generate/bring forth the most profitable/best results/oucome possible, identified a veriety otopics that fitted the 12th SDG and
looked for suitable partners in the industry that wanted to cooperate with us.

SDG Fit 

We elaborated Challenges according to the 12th goal 

Design Thinking Sessions 

We provided support during ideation phase coached by selected innovation experts 

Allround Experience 

For the best possible experience and the greatest added value
we combined networking sessions, different workshops on
specific topics and coaching sessions

Suitable target group 

Our network prvided a hybrid targert group consisting of Students, Young Professionals, Researches and StartUps 


Create awareness for the UN‘s Social Develoment Goals and demonstrate first practical approaches to their implementation 


The Challenge

The Challenge was split in five different phases, in which all the participants were suppported in multiple ways such as Ideation Workshops, Briefing Meetings, Networking Sessions, etc. By providing comprehensive guidance throughout the whole participation, we wanted to make sure the high quality of the results was guaranteed.

Together with our partners, we identified 8 different Challenges based on the key questions of the Program. The participants could choose between these reallife problems of diefferent companies and organizations, apply their knowledge in practice and develop digital solutions that will benefit our society. 

It has been a great experience partaking in Innovate 2030, it broadened our hori- zons and allowed us to connect with talented people

Edda Björk BolladóttirFinalist, Team Marea

More Information

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