Smart, Digitalized, Personalized and Precise
Rheumatology is at the edge of transformation. How can the entire therapy journey from prevention via identification and diagnosis to treatment be individualized and optimized with the help of modern technologies?
Unleash your creativity, wrap your imagination around this plethora of challenging issues and make an impact for improving one of the most prevalent diseases in our society. Work together with the medical company medac to shape the future of rheumatology!

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28.04.2021 – 11.10.2021

8.000€ prize pool + working together with experts from rheumatology + possibility of further cooperation with medac

Status Quo

Rheumatology comprises more than 150 different rheumatic diseases including various syndromes, most of them characterized by pain and inflammation in joints, muscles, tendons or bones and can affect various tissues and organs.

One example is the commonly known inflammatory disease Rheumatology or rheumatoid arthritis (RA). An autoimmune disease that affects millions of people across Europe in which the body’s immune system turns against the own body leading to the destruction of the joints.

Rheumatic diseases have a huge impact on society causing immense annual treatment costs and a tremendous economic burden as patients suffer from immobility, depression and sometimes face early retirement because of severing health conditions.

The Challenge

The lack of a clear root cause and thus difficulties for an early diagnosis of the disease delays early treatment which is crucial for long-term therapeutic success. Further down the disease journey many therapies and treatments to date are mainly based on „trial and error“ approaches consuming time and money. 

Both key problems stated above lead to one of the major unmet clinical needs for helping patients: A personalized treatment approach.

In the last decade new medicinal ideas, approaches and modern technologies like AI and Big Data, Precision Medicine or Smart Sensor Technology have emerged that offer new opportunities to address these existing burdens for rheumatic diseases. New technologies could be a game changer for patients’ journey with Rheumatic diseases.
To bring these technologies to the patients, a lot of questions need to be answered. And that is where the Challenge starts, and we invite you to join us:
How can we utilize modern technologies to address existing burdens for rheumatic diseases and optimize the entire patient journey?

The Tracks

To get a better understanding on the routes you can take, we developed the following tracks that are based on existing patient burdens.
More detailed information and inspiration can be found in the important details tab on pur platform. More guiding and inspirational content and key questions can be found in the submission tab.

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