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Get inspired by the human brain and collaborate with Merck to shape the future of AI!
Take a deep look at the problem of understanding the formation of invariant representations.
Cross the boundaries of deep learning!

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15.04.2019 – 30.08.2019

Paid Merck Research Fellowship +
Joint Scientific Publication +
University degree thesis

1st Place: 2.500 Euros

2nd Place: 1.500 Euros

3rd Place: 1.000 Euros

Status Quo

A child can recognize an animal species after being exposed to the correct associations a few times.

The best artificial intelligence (AI) systems might need to ‘see’ thousands of images to achieve an almost similar level of accuracy. So, despite decades of development and a lot of hype around AI and machine learning, even the best technologies can’t perceive the world as humans do – yet.

The prevailing method of deep learning is mainly based on supervised learning. And even if this led to astounding technological breakthroughs in the past couple years it brings several severe limitations.

The Challenge

A faster progress in this fascinating field will require radical innovation. “Leapfrogging” (jumping) ahead of current approaches by rethinking AI is the topic of this vibrant Challenge!

The vision of Merck: The future of AI lies in unsupervised learning that is based on and inspired by our biological intelligence!

As the starting point for leapfrogging ahead Merck identified the problem of invariant representation and thus the fascinating question: How is it possible that our brain recognizes “things” – like objects, stories or even songs – even if they can be experienced through an infinite number of different ways?

The Job

Based on background information, Research Challenges and a first profound and pioneering Model from Merck, the aim of this project is to generate insights from various disciplines that can lead to progress towards an understanding of invariant representation.

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