How do you envision your future? What role will technology play to build a better and more sustainable future? Collaborate with Samsung to make your ideas about the future society real! We support you in brining your idea that benefits our society to life.
Optional: In our free and optional Design Thinking Workshops we will help you to innovate your idea and will connect you with other participants

Status Quo

Generations are often shaped by major events, and the current pandemic is no different. While it is impacting all generations across the board it is the young, digital generation that is affected by the most changes and which will feel the long-term effects.

Education is the most immediate area being impacted, but also career choices, buying habits as well as the use of technology are changing. During the last year, digitalization evolved faster than ever – it became the basis of our social life, education, and work. We noticed how the lack of digital skills within Germany impacted every part of our lives.
Contemporaneously, we see a rise of awareness of the surrounding world and society inside the digital generation: you care about sustainability, diversity, and health, and are not afraid to show your political and societal views.
You are the generation that passed a year behind the monitor that needed to adapt from one day to another and that invented new ways of living. Do you feel like you cannot make any plans at the moment? The world seems to pause, and you feel like you are stuck in between? You still have your vision, your ideas but everything seems to be on hold?

The Challenge

Your future is in your own hands! Choose your challenge, choose your team – we are here to give you everything you need to make your idea come to life.

It is your time to act now to change the world that surrounds you for the better. The same chances for everyone, inclusion in every sense, and sustainability across all fields are essential and we need technological innovation to reach this change.
This is your chance to change society for the better! What are the problems that keep you up at night? What is a society you want to live in like? How can you use technology to facilitate real change? We want to make your voice heard!
We are looking for great ideas. No experience needed. No qualification required. No matter who you are. The only thing that counts is your idea.
Do you know how to use technology for good? How to shape your future? Then we are looking for you!

The mentors bootcamp

We were in Schwalbach at Samsung Electronics for the mentors bootcamp. Annika Deske and Josephine Hoffheinz from ekipa were coaching the teams in their workshop sessions – it was a great day.

the winning teams