We are called ekipa. Because we are a team. And because we create teams – to bring together the best of two worlds: The innovative spirit and skillset of the Digital Generation with the power of large organizations. With united strength, we jointly develop ideas and solutions to master the major challenges of our present and future. Innovations that are sustainable.

meet the team

Justin Gemeri

Co-Founder, Extern


Yannis Frek

Head of Business Development

Pia Breh

Head of Media

Katharina Heby

Business Development Manager

Viktoria Voloshan

Business Development Manager

Sashia Niemeyer

Project Manager

Nico Heby

Co-Founder, Internes

Sophie Möller

Media Manager

Linh Phung

Co-Founder, Tech

Adriana Brüser

Business Development Manager

Celine Graf

Communication Designer

Yannick Kessler


Nico Sedovnik


Irene Sanchez

Community Manager

Annika Deske

Legal expert

Sven Thomas

Innovation Consultant

Alejandro Salazar

Software Engineer

Antonia Breh

Community Manager

David Heckenberg

Project Manager

Josephine Hoffheinz

Business Development Manager

our office

our office is placed at frankfurt am main, germany.

office tour