Mit deiner Idee die Zukunft gestalten


Dein Startup auf das nächste Level bringen.

Wir bieten euch, den Innovationstreibern unserer Gesellschaft, die Möglichkeit, gemeinsam mit großen Unternehmen und Organisationen das Potenzial eures Startups zu entfalten und gemeinsam zu wachsen.


Die Theorie in der Praxis anwenden.

Wir bieten euch, den Vertretern der digitalen Generation, die Möglichkeit, euer Innovationspotenzial zu entfalten, euer Wissen an realen Herausforderungen von etablierten Unternehmen unmittelbar anzuwenden und eure eigenen Ideen zu realisieren.



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Shape people’s work lives and be part of SAP’s innovation process to lift mobile enterprise solutions to the next level.

SAP invites you, as a digital thought leader, to discover new high-potential and innovative software solutions for a mobile and future-proof business. Let’s create a mobile experience that truly changes the way we work.

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Quantum.Link by Deloitte invites you to investigate how Quantum Computing can be used to reduce the negative impact of air travel on the climate by optimizing flight trajectories.

Highlight for the finalists: Besides an attractive prize pool, the TOP 5 finalists can pitch their solution to an expert jury consisting of representatives from IBM, Deutsche Flugsicherung, DLR, Lufthansa Systems, MTU Aero Engines, TH Mittelhessen and RWTH Aachen.

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How do you envision your future? What role will technology play to build a better and more sustainable future? Collaborate with Samsung to make your ideas about the future society real! We support you in bringing your idea that benefits our society and our environment to life.

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What needs to be done to build sustainable industries, foster meaningful innovation and create resilient infrastructure?

These three areas are crucial to realize the 2030 Agenda. By bringing these pieces together, we create a big picture that places sustainable development at the center – like pieces of a unique mosaic. What’s your vision of a ‚bigger & better‘ picture? Contribute your part now and come up with innovative concepts and ideas based on 4 real-world challenges. Together we will craft a piece of art around industry, innovation, and infrastructure.

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