About ekipa

As a leading open innovation incubator, we bring people, industries and organizations together across all borders. We are united by a common goal: to positively change the world with sustainable and future-proof innovations. That's what drives us.

Our vision and mission

We are a fundamental part of an innovative and sustainable future. We connect and empower courageous people and organizations worldwide. Because we are convinced that by doing so we can positively change people, markets and our world.

Our name is ekipa. Because we are a team. And because we create teams - to bring together the best of two worlds: The innovative spirit of the Digital Generation with the power of large organizations. With concentrated strength, we jointly develop ideas and solutions to meet the major challenges of our present and future. Innovations that are sustainable.

The Team

Justin Gemeri
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Nico Sedovnik
Senior Project Manager
Katharina Heby
Head of Innovation Development
Josephine Hoffheinz
Senior Project Manager
Nico Heby
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Linh Phung
Co-Founder & Tech
Anika Horaczek
Senior Leading Design Expert
Aurelia Müller
Media Expert
Julia Heeb
Senior People Manager
Lidia Welldeabzghi
Project Manager
Brian Rassmann
Video Content Manager
Stella Mai
Business Development Manager
Bianca McManus
Innovation Development Manager
Jan Kostucik
Business Development Support
Jacqueline Cyba
Marketing Support
Paulina Märzinger
Business Development Support
Rahel Hagos
Junior Legal Counsel
Niklas Brackmann
Projects Support
Hannah Werner
Projects Support
Til Wodetzki
Innovation Development Support
Eva Gruchmann
Projects Support
Félix Lick
Business Development Support
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ekipa in a nutshell

As a young and dynamic startup, we breathe Open Innovation every day. From large to small, we have accompanied the most diverse projects and brought them to success.
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Powerful connections
We bring together the experience and knowledge of stakeholders from politics, industry and academia to empower entirely new projects.
Excellent network
Through our stable network of universities, research institutes and startup partners, we are able to find the best innovators for each challenge.
Support, empowerment & acceleration
We get actively involved in the open innovation process and accompany participants with intensive coaching, workshops and feedback sessions. Things pick up speed with ekipa.
Expertise & experience
Still young but with the know-how of more than 100 implemented open innovation projects. And we are looking forward to knowing more because there are more projects to come.
Sustainable innovations
Nowhere lacks ideas. In our programs, long lasting innovations are created to positively change the world.
Team is key
Our interdisciplinary and diverse team brings together expertise from different sectors and disciplines to our projects – we like to share with our clients & innovators.

You have questions? We have answers!

When working with innovative projects and formats, we are often asked questions. We have collected the most important ones and try to answer them as best we can.
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About ekipa as a company

We are ekipa. As a leading open innovation incubator, we bring together people, industries, institutions and organizations across all boundaries. We are united by a common goal: to encourage positive change through sustainable, future-oriented innovations. This is what drives us.

We inspire, enable and fast-track people from all backgrounds and fields as they develop solutions that address the complex challenges of our era. We build bridges between science, economy, politics and society. We unite the vibrant energy of young bright minds, of startups, researchers and students with the capacity of established organizations. On our innovation platform and in our programs, we help interdisciplinary and pioneering projects that tap into an innovative spirit to flourish.

We are ekipa. We are shaping the future based on sustainable innovation and cooperation in the interest of society, environment and economy.

Each project has its own criteria and specifications for solutions, which are used to select the winners.
If you want to have a better chance of winning a challenge, you should try to use these criteria and guidelines as a basis for developing solutions. You can always find these guidelines in the challenge briefing on the respective landing page of the challenge on our platform.

To participate in our programs and challenges, you need to register on our platform.

The team composition also takes place via our platform.

Go to our platform app.ekipa.de. Now you can either register directly by clicking the button in the right corner or you can take a look at our current challenges first and then register via these challenges. Your registration is valid for all challenges. In both cases the registration is free of charge and without further obligations. 
Once you have clicked on the "Registration" button, you can either register as an individual innovator or as a start-up. In both cases the registration form will open, where you enter your registration data. You can change this information later if you wish. Once you have registered, you will receive a verification link by mail; please click and open it. 
Now you can log in with your mail and your chosen password and participate in our challenges and shape our future together with other participants.

If you don't want to participate in a challenge alone, you can create a new team or join an existing team. To do so, select the desired option after joining the challenge or change your participation mode later. 
Create a team 
Select "Create a team". The team needs a name. To find other suitable team members, you should add a short description and the skills you are looking for. Once the team creation is complete, the team will be visible to all participants and basically open for additional members. 
After team creation, you can communicate with other team members and revise team information. You can also see if anyone wants to join the team. If someone has sent a request, the join request will appear in the "Join requests" tab created for this purpose and you can accept or reject the request. Once the request is accepted, the participant is a member of your team and you can write to each other. 
Join a team 
Select "Join another team". The "Find team" tab will show you teams that are still looking for innovative minds. To join a team, you just must send a request via the "Ask to join" button. Then a message window will open, there you can write a nice message. Your request will now be displayed to the members of the team. 
If you are accepted, your view will change and you will have the same functions as the other team members.

Since the projects and challenges as well as the possibilities for further cooperation after the project are very different, the legal framework is regulated individually. This means that each challenge and each project format have its own conditions of participation in which the legal framework is defined, and these must be accepted before participating

Yes, participation in the programs & challenges is free of charge for all participants.

Contact Information

Justin Gemeri
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

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