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As a leading open innovation incubator, we bring people, industries and organizations together across all borders. We are united by a common goal: to positively change the world with sustainable and future-proof innovations. That's what drives us.

Accelerate your career, your ideas or your start-up!

As a participant, you receive direct access to real-life economic and social challenges via our open innovation platform. You will work in close cooperation with innovative companies and organizations to develop viable solutions for our future.

Students & Researchers
Turn theory into practice
In our innovation programmes, we partner you with companies and organisations to tackle economic, social and scientific issues together. 100% practice and hands on.
Prize money, grants and cooperation programs with companies & politics for sustainable impact
Lift your reputation and networks to the next level
Exclusive events, goal-oriented coachings and selected keynotes by international experts
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Take your startup to the next level!
We partner your startup together with valuable partners from business and politics and enable you to further grow your venture.
Funding and cooperation programmes with companies and politics for sustainable impact
Proof-of-concept, development partners and major customers
Direct access to experts and our network
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How it works

Become part of a global movement of future creators and change the world with us in an innovative, cooperative, social and ecological, sustainable, and economic way.
Step 1: Register for free
Register on the ekipa platform in a few minutes and explore a wide range of projects
Step 2: Choose your challenge
E-Mobility? Circular Economy? Blockchain and Web3? Choose from a variety of challenges from different industries
Step 3: Start your innovation
Start to change the future. As an ekipa team we support you with various coachings and other offers
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What our participants say

The innovation projects with ekipa are a real boost! As a participant, you not only get the opportunity to work on great and exciting projects, but you also come into direct contact with exciting representatives from business, research and politics - like in our case with Samsung. Furthermore, I was also impressed by the range of coaching sessions, workshops and feedback sessions.
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Katharina PorentaCo-Founder at EP-CHECKUP

Running & upcoming innovation programs & challenges

We offer a variety of challenges. Register now for free on our innovation platform to stay up to date about current & upcoming open innovation challenges. Let's innovate together.
Deloitte's Quantum Climate Challenge 2024 – Flood Prediction
Spotlight 2050: Revealing the Unseen
Upcoming Challenges
Collaborate with Deloitte to revolutionize flood forecasting.

We invite you to explore quantum computing and machine learning by tackling the challenge to develop a new approach in enhancing flood forecasting and disaster prediction to improve climate resilience.

Highlight for the finalists: Besides an attractive prize pool, the finalists will pitch their solution in front of an expert jury consisting of representatives from the quantum industry.

Submit your concept to secure your place at the rad°hub event in London

Spot a „snow leopard": in foresight this is an existing but underestimated phenomenon with a potential to shape the future. Join the rad°hub challenge to reveal a neglected trend or tool that will impact future generations. Why is it crucial? How can we address it today? Submit your „snow leopard” to secure your place at the rad°hub event in London, where you can present your „snow leopard", influence industry leaders, drive change, and network with forward-thinkers and decision-makers to elevate your career or venture.

Stay tuned for upcoming challenges!

Fancy a challenge? Our platform has got you covered! From AI to HealthTech and Finance, we offer plenty of challenges to foster sustainability, digitization and social impact. Plus, it's totally free to register - just scroll down for our past challenges or find programs that tickle your fancy. Let's innovate together - join us today for an opportunity not to be missed!

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