At ekipa, we are dedicated to fostering groundbreaking solutions through our Open Innovation Programs, connecting companies with ambitious startups, research teams, and students. Today, we are thrilled to share updates on our ongoing programs and their remarkable progress. Currently, 5 of our programs are in full swing:

Future Finance

Our Future Finance Program continues to thrive, uniting prominent Challenge Providers including BHW Bausparkasse, GLS Bank, Hamburg Commercial Bank, LBBW, Santander and Sparkasse Bremen. These innovation leaders have come together in collaboration with ekipa and the Federal Ministry of Finance under the leadership of Finance Minister Christian Lindner. Challenge topics revolve around generative AI, impact investing and blockchain-based applications, among others.

The final solutions were presented at our closing event on November 3 in Berlin. Hats off to the brilliant minds behind the winning teams of the Future Finance Innovation Program! These groundbreaking solutions are reshaping the financial landscape, making it more efficient, competitive, and equitable.

More information as well as all Challenges of the Future Finance Program can be found HERE.

Deutschland 4.0 (4th Edition)

In our Deutschland 4.0 program, which aims to shape Germany's digital future, esteemed Challenge Providers such as Schwäbisch Hall, iqony, and Volkswagen Group have partnered with us to drive innovation. Challenges range from innovative visualization approaches of process data in the energy industry to concepts for Service Hubs to shape the next generation of Urban Mobility.

Following the successful Qualification Phase, our selected final teams are poised to embark on the Collaboration Phase, where they will further specify their solutions to tackle the Challenges posed by these industry giants.

More information as well as all challenges of Deutschland 4.0 can be found HERE.

INNOVATE2030 (5th Edition)

INNOVATE2030, in partnership with the Federal Environment Agency, is the innovation program for impactful solutions around the 17 SDGs. Together with Challenge Providers like Boehringer Ingelheim, Rossmann, Solarimo, and a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer who wishes to remain anonymous for now, we are scouting for solutions to establish sustainable technologies, foster social development and to ensure environmental & climate protection. This year’s Challenges, among others, target the topics of circularity, second life concepts for products as well as solutions to ensure access to important knowledge for everybody.

The Qualification Phase is nearing its end, and we are in the process of selecting final teams, who will soon meet their Challenge Providers and then be launched into the exciting Collaboration Phase.

More information as well as all challenges of INNOVATE2030 can be found HERE.

AI & Data Science Program

The AI & Data Science Program delves into the realm of data-driven technologies, encompassing all areas of AI and BI. Our Challenge Providers, including almi invest, apg, and a multinational retail group, have joined forces with ekipa to foster innovation in areas like generative AI, the use of intelligent tools in venture capital as well as the automated creation of 3D models.

The Qualification Phase has concluded, and our final teams are now deep into the Collaboration Phase, working closely with their Challenge Providers in preparation for the Final Pitch Event on November 16th.

More information as well as all Challenges of the AI & Data Science Program can be found HERE.


Last but not least, in our HealthTech Program, we have secured Bayer and gerresheimer as Challenge Providers. The program aims to build a sustainable & digital healthcare together and with their Challenges “Beat the Heat: Leveraging Scientific and Technological Solutions to Protect Vulnerable Populations” as well as “Enabling Cancer Therapy at Home”, the two companies have already left the Qualification Phase behind them and met their most promising teams and solutions.

Now, our final teams are actively collaborating with these industry leaders, gearing up for the Final Pitch Event on November 16th.

More information as well as all challenges of the HealthTech Program can be found HERE.

We are excited about the remarkable progress our teams are making in these programs. Each program presents unique Challenges, and our participants are dedicated to addressing these with innovation and creativity. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our mission to drive innovation and excellence in these exciting sectors.

Thank you for being a part of the ekipa journey, and we can't wait to share even more success stories with you in the near future.

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