In the beginning, sometimes it's a simple idea that lays the foundation for something great and the start of a successful journey. That's what happened to the Berlin-based startup Clurb when they summed up their founding idea in a statement in a Kreuzberg pub in June 2017: “We will do something simple and affordable, that cities can use with minimal external support”.

From a Berlin-Kreuzberg Pub into the World

In the meantime, the founding trio has become a medium-sized company, which operates globally with locations in Berlin, Buenos Aires and São Paulo, and with experience in many other countries globally. With their product “ACCTION - Disaster Risk Management Made Simple” they guarantee what they wanted to achieve with their igniting idea: “A world where every city and community, no matter their resources, have access to adequate tools to resolve the most critical issues.”

When it comes to cities and communities in a sense of innovation and sustainability, Sustainable Development Goal 11 is an attractive and meaningful playground for innovators to “make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable”. Time to take ACCTION for Clurb as it’s the perfect tool to help cities and communities to reach that goal by "leaving no one behind" in a simple way. ACCTION is a digital 360° supply package all around disasters and crises as it allows cities to work together in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from those unpleasant kinds of catastrophes.

INNOVATE2030-SDG11 Innovation Program as a Stage & Forum

More than a logical consequence for Clurb to take part in the INNOVATE2030-SDG11 Innovation Program of ekipa where they presented their great vision and their useful as well as easy-to-handle tool. The program was a boost and an ideal ecosystem to test, present and promote their digital solution. Coworking and cooperation in a suitable atmosphere as well as the exchange with similarly thinking people who want to change the world positively and sustainably is part of it and just as important as Mariano Rossi, CFO & Co-founder concludes:

“It was clear to me since the beginning that the Challenge was a platform for us to exchange with like-minded people, who are all on a similar mission to promote global impact. This has not only provided us with more energy to keep on going but even more confidence that lots can change for the better in the near future!”

The INNOVATE2030 participation was a total success: Clurb was the winner of the challenge on urban resilience. On top they won the 3rd overall place from more than 200 startups! The successful journey continued after INNOVATE2030 in front of an even bigger audience. Clurb presented their disaster risk management tool on a global stage at COP27, the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference of the UNFCCC in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. (Here you can watch their session and presentation.) No question that this incredible opportunity to present the ACCTION software in front of a large expert audience - in times of escalating climate crisis - caused some excitement among the Clurb team. How does it feel to be in the right place at the right moment with the right tool?

“Our team had a wonderful experience, and we left the conference with some very promising connections with different institutions working with cities globally,” Edilson Holz, Clurb’s CEO & Co-founder sums up with a gleam in his eye.

Exploring Synergies with Universities, Institutions & People from around the World

By now, Clurb has taken part in numerous international competitions and programs. Cooperation with institutions, universities and cities around the globe is part of their portfolio as well as awards and contributions or mentions in magazines. Though, Clurb has a particularly warm relationship with the INNOVATE2030 Innovation Program as it seemed to be “a great opportunity to get out of the technical bubble and exchange with experts in a variety of fields,” says Evandro Holz, CEO & Co-founder of Clurb. And he adds: “In the end, it was not so much of a competition, but rather an opportunity to explore synergies with amazing people looking at achieving the same goals as us”.

So why not take your opportunity today and get on the way to innovate, found a startup, make difference, and protect our planet's future. The INNOVATE2030 Innovation Program offers you a wide range of opportunities to act with impact!

The INNOVATE2030 Innovation Program creates an interplay between universities, startups, science & businesses to drive a positive change in society & economy for a better future for our planet. Money, grants, collaborations, a joint publication and cooperative programs with companies & political players are incentives of the program to boost careers, ideas or even the next successful start-up.

#INNOVATE2030 #timeforaction #innovatetogether

INNOVATE2030-SDG11 was jointly initialized by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (#BMZ) and its new lab for digital innovations – #digilab – in collaboration with the Make-IT Alliance. 
With the support of: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, European Commission, UN Climate Change, Atos, Bosch Innovation Consulting, OECD - OCDE, UNCTAD, SAP, Telekom TechBoost, Microsoft, IHS Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Leaders for Climate Action, UN-Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Programme)

#INNOVATE2030 – We stand for ONE goal – make the world a better place

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