We are excited to introduce you to our new project: The Female Future Week. A multi-day digital event and networking space for company representatives, female entrepreneurs and young talents to support each other and encourage gender equality in business.

As an open innovation incubator, we have had the opportunity to carry out over 100 projects with partners from various sectors in the last five years. And we keep finding that diversity and varitey is the key to innovation. There are a lot of high-potential female founders and female innovators in the business world and also in our ecosystem we have a diversity of talented female innovators who can offer great solutions and create added value for companies and socienty. However, the fact is that these young women still have a more difficult access to the business world and opportunities than their male counterparts. Gender equality is still an issue that we as a society need to work on together!

Our goal is to focus on and promote the potential and innovative power of women and to network them with established companies. We are convinced that this is a step in the right direction to contribute this challenge in business and society.  


The Female Future Week takes place digitally within one week at the beginning of 2024. This week is divided into two phases:

Part 1: Innovation through empowerment

In the first part of the Female Future Week, the female innovators will be in the spotlight and will engage in exchanges with the role models of the companies. We offer a wide range of formats, including workshops, panel discussions, sparring sessions and much more. The focus of this phase is to empower and encourage participants to take their ideas and business ventures forward.We strongly believe that empowering women in the innovation world is the key to a more sustainable and diverse future!

Part 2: The Hackathon: Collaborative Innovation in Action

The second part of the event will include a hackathon on which the female innovators will take part.

Here, they will have the opportunity to work on real use cases for participating companies. This hackathon is not only a platform for creative ideas, but also an opportunity for the participants to demonstrate their expertise and skills. Companies can see directly how the female innovators work, how they present themselves and, if you wish, how they fit in with their own company. We believe that collaboration between emerging female innovators and established companies can lead to amazing results!


For participating companies, the Female Future Week is an opportunity to both gain access to a diverse pool of female innovators & young talents and also to learn whether these individuals fit the company and its culture in terms of their type of performance, collaboration in the hackathon, presentation, etc. for possible further collaborations or recruiting. Corporates also position themselves as a global pioneer for gender equality and as an innovative and inclusive employer internally and externally.

The Female Future Week is thereforme more than just an event - it is a step towards a more inclusive and diverse innovation landscape. By bringing together female innovators and corporate role models, we create a platform for sharing knowledge, inspiring and nurturing talent. We are proud to play our part in this relevant topic.


We invite you as a company to be part of the Female Future Week! Introduce a female role model from your company and enter into an exchange with our Female Innovators. Let them convince you of their solutions in the hackathon and position your company as a pioneer in the field of gender equality.

For more information, we have linked our One Pager here: Female Future Week

For further questions, you can always contact our Business Development Manager Stella: / 017617920083

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