Our Year 2020 - A year in review

Hello dear ekipa - Crowd,

Just in time for the launch of 2021, our designer Celine has created a year in review of the ekipa year 2020. In this you will find information about ekipa, the core of ekipa - the team, or our ecosystem. It also introduces our formats, recaps the past year, and looks ahead to what's to come.

From the editorial work, to the design, to the final print product, Celine created everything on her own. We are very proud and think the annual review is something to be proud of.

Click here for the review: The ekipa year in review2020

In addition to the visual review of the year, Nico and Justin, two of the three ekipa founders, recorded a peak talk on the topic. In it, the two talk about the past year with an eye on the Corona crisis and how ekipa has evolved as a company.

Click here to watch the episode!

Feel free to write us in the comments what you think of the two formats. We are also interested in how you experienced the year! Because without you, without our ekipa-crowd, we wouldn't be where we are now.

Kind regards from Frankfurt from the ekipa team

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