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Our Future Finance Innovation Program in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry of Finance calls upon researchers, young professionals, students and startups to develop new approaches or to apply existing solutions, focusing on building and shaping the future of finance. 
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Within our Finance Innovation Program, we create a unique ecosystem of the most relevant skakeholders and high-potential innovators around the world to create a long-lasting impact for the financial industry.
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Digital Technologies: A Catalyst for Growth

Technological developments are revolutionising business activities in the financial sector. At the same time, the challenges facing the sector are increasing due to the conflicting demands of international competition, regulatory requirements and customer expectations.

Financial and other innovations and digital technologies are the driver of a competitive economy and help to boost growth. They also act as a catalyst for the digital transformation of the economy and society.

Shaping the future means inventing the new instead of clinging to established structures. With its Finance Innovation Program, ekipa offers an exciting ecosystem that will facilitate financial innovations and inspire broader society.

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Christian LindnerGerman Finance Minister & patron of the ekipa Future Finance Innovation Program

We Must Rethink Finance!

The digital transformation is proceeding in the financial industries. Technological developments are reshaping the businesses. We are experiencing a turning point which leads the plot into a new and unexpected direction.

In this pivotal moment, we are forging a close collaboration between innovative enterprises & organizations, together with students & startups, researchers & young professionals and other bright minds & global experts.

Our mission? To find trustworthy answers and create financial solutions that are tailor-made for the future. We are building a more efficient, resilient, competitive & equitable – a more sustainable – economy & financial system.

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Justin GemeriCo-Founder, Co-CEO ekipa GmbH


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