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Our annual HealthTech Innovation Program connects leading pioneers and hidden champions from the Pharmaceutical, MedTech, Health & Care and Insurance industry. Together, we work on innovations in the areas of digital health applications, precision medicine, better patient journeys and many more. Within a 6-month framework, our partners explore innovative technologies, relevant scientific findings and create tangible innovations together with the Digital Generation.
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Our global HealthTech Program focuses on innovative solutions for the HealthTech sector. The goal of the program is to create an exchange between the digital generation, science and business that will enable participants to help shape our path to a sustainable future and create a real impact for our society.
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The importance of an innovative healthcare

Healthcare is a widely diverse topic. The pandemic most definitely showed us that many different factors contribute to a good healthcare-system. We were able to observe in real time how quickly science can advance, how vaccines are developed and how fast we can build efficient providing systems to treat everyone.

Furthermore, we learned much about our blind spots: all the areas of providing health care where improvements are necessary to prepare ourselves and our healthcare-system for future health crises.

It's time to bring healthcare to the next level!

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Nico HebyCo-Founder, Co-CEO ekipa GmbH

Welcome our finalists!

Let’s welcome the final teams of our HealthTech Innovation Program and the respective challenges:

Generali (Cynteract GmbHUterise, TK Smart)

IKK classic (Freddie MedAIDY - Health, Assistance & Well-BeingBetterDoc Innovation Lab)

Getinge (MAYYA the bee, Human Digital Twin, ohospital)


All of them give new vitality into healthcare systems & services. Their approaches range from gamification to AI, from more efficiency to more entertainment, from putting the patient back into the center to user-friendly devices.


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9 Final teamschanging our future


HealthTech Innovation
Beat the Heat: Leveraging Scientific and Technological Solutions to Protect Vulnerable Populations
Scale up the Fight against Chronic Diseases
Enabling Cancer Therapy at Home
Drive Transformation towards a Patient-Centric Approach
IKK Classic
Digital Healthcare Concierge as a Service
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