Bold steps into an innovative future   

Fridays are free!" – This has been the motto at ekipa for the last 3 months. One day less work for the same salary, with the clear goal of creating an innovative work environment. After this test phase, the management has decided to extend the pilot until the end of the year, continuously collecting feedback from customers and employees in order to make a comprehensive evaluation at the end of the fiscal year.

Performance and Satisfaction

The pilot projects targets two dimensions: Performance/Output and Satisfaction/ Mental Health. To this end, various KPIs have been defined that will be measured before, during and after the pilot project. After completion of the test phase, the data will be analyzed and detailed discussions will be held with the team in order to make an informed decision on this basis as to whether and in what form the 4-day-week can be introduced permanently at ekipa.

Concerns and questions are taken seriously       

The most important questions and concerns of employees and customers are taken seriously. The goal is clearly formulated: Working hours are reduced, while efficiency, productivity and motivation are to increase. Employees have more time to relax, become more creative and are sick less often. The introduction of the four working days is facilitated by the use of new technologies, automation and careful planning.

Click here for the video message from our Co-Founder Justin Gemeri

The path to the 4-day work week

The decision to introduce the 4-day workweek was made some time ago in close collaboration with Julia, our People Manager at ekipa. Since July 1st of this year, employees have had the opportunity to set aside their work on Fridays and pursue their passions outside of the workplace.

The future of work

The 4-day workweek could become the new norm and make a significant contribution to global mental health. Satisfied employees and a healthy workplace will attract talented professionals. At ekipa, we are certain: the future of work begins here and now, and the expansion of the 4-day pilot project is an important step in that direction.

Click here for the report by Frankfurter Rundschau about our pilot project

Stay tuned!

Innovative companies take innovative paths. We invite you to stay tuned for more updates and experiences! In the meantime, feel free to visit our website or check out our LinkedIn to follow our journey to the 4-day workweek.


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