Innovation is the key to shaping a promising future. It drives us to explore new horizons and continuously improve. Already in the last 5 years, we have worked together with over 100 projects, 15000+ innovators and 300+ educational institutions to successfully drive innovation. However, we also place a strong emphasis on integrating innovation across a wide range of sectors.

This year, we have already won 30 projects on topics ranging from Future Finance to Future Materials.

In the upcoming fourth quarter, we will start with 5 formats and programmes. From exciting developments in sports to discovering talent in HR, from the digitalisation of Germany to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - all these areas will be in focus in the fourth quarter. Now we would like to present in detail how we are tackling this diversity of challenges and opportunities. Let's take a look together at the five innovation programmes and formats that will drive innovation in these key areas:

Driving forward the digital transformation in Germany

In a world that is increasingly characterised by digitalisation, it is time for Germany to move forward in terms of digitalisation. GERMANY 4.0 is our innovation programme with the clear goal of driving forward Germany's digital transformation with the help of the BMBF as a political partner in order to keep pace with an increasingly digitalised world. Each company represents one industry. Further information is available here.

Combining sustainability and innovation

Imagine a world where companies not only pursue economic success, but also actively contribute to addressing social and environmental challenges. INNOVATE2030 is our innovation programme that accompanies companies on this journey. It focuses on sustainability, social development and environmental and climate protection and is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are globally defined targets to address global challenges. Together with the Federal Environment Agency, as a political partner, we want to advance sustainable development. Further information is available here.

Shaping the future of sport

The sports industry is currently experiencing profound change. Changing customer needs, rapid technologisation and increasing sustainability demands are challenging the way we experience sport. The FUTURE OF SPORTS programme offers a unique insight into this transformation and presents innovative solutions for the future of the sports world. Companies that rise to this challenge can strengthen their position in the industry and benefit from the opportunities that arise. Further information is available here.

Discovering the talents of tomorrow

In a rapidly changing business world, it is crucial for employers to find talent that has the right skillset for future challenges and at the same time fits the company culture. Misfits in recruitment can be costly. Our FUTURE MAKERS programme gives companies access to talented students from over 130 international universities. These students solve real-life business challenges, allowing companies to learn about their skills and mindset. This helps create an individual talent pool that meets the specific needs of the company. More information is available here.

The future of venture building

Working with start-ups can be a crucial challenge for companies. Our EXCELERATE programme offers the solution. We connect you with promising startups, promote the valuable exchange of know-how and actively support you in forming successful partnerships. With three different collaboration paths - Implement, Invest or Venture Client - you have the freedom to choose the best option to best meet your specific needs. For more information here.

Unfolding the digital transformation of legal technology

Let's build the future together with Open Innovation! Our Legal Tech Innovation Program, powered by the German Federal Ministry of Justice and under the patronage of Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann, is your fast-track to business-transforming solutions. We specialize in driving impactful legal tech innovations by uniting the dynamism of agile players like startups, tech companies, academia or industry experts with the power and needs of your enterprise. For more information here.

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