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Successful talent recruiting has never been as easy as it is today. That sounds misleading, as typically the opposite is true. At ekipa, we can assist you in finding the most innovative young talents through Challenge Based Talent Attraction – and that at more than 130 universities and colleges simultaneously. Discover and engage with top talents who share an interest in your topics. Get to know their skill set and mindset through real use cases, and drive innovation within your company with your unique talent pool. Press the button now to get in touch!
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In today's fast-paced business world, securing skilled and mindset-aligned talent is crucial. Traditional hiring poses significant risks, leading to potential mismatches and financial strain. Our solution: the Future Makers Program, a visionary approach to talent acquisition. This dynamic program connects companies with students from 130+ global universities, engaging them in real-world challenges to showcase their skills.
Build up your individual talent pool
with challenge based talent recruiting.
Direct insights
into the way your talent thinks, works, and acts.
Directly attract talent
that is interested in your respective topics and challenges.
Retain young talent long-term
with a mindset that aligns with their corporate culture.

Global Talent Triumph

Merck searched for perspectives to develop its own AI project portfolio with minimal time investment. The teams embraced the challenge, revolutionizing IT security through precise machine learning, all while gaining invaluable insights into invariant representations. The winning team didn't just meet expectations; they shattered them. Witness the automation of visual recognition by our AI powerhouse, addressing specific challenges in the realm of invariant representations.

Merck's global talent pool just got richer! Two exceptional minds from Turkey and China have joined forces, bringing their expertise to Merck full-time. Their journey began with a challenge, but now they're driving innovation in AI for a more secure and insightful future.

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Global Collaboration for Lasting Impact

As part of the AI & Data Science Innovation program, BWM aimed to systematically reduce bias in its work environments and communications using real-time data and analytics. During the challenge, participants explored how AI solutions help support diversity, gender shift, inclusion and equality.

The winning team, armed with cutting-edge deep learning techniques, successfully unearthed potential biases embedded in various stages of BMW's job application process. A global alliance unfolded as external innovators and BMW employees from Europe and the USA joined forces. Together, they not only identified biases but also implemented impactful solutions. This collaborative effort not only strengthened BMW's employer brand externally but fostered a culture of inclusivity internally.

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Joyful Diversity with AI
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