How can we build climate-smart and sustainable cities and communities?
Develop digital and innovative ideas based on 7 real challenges with partners from businesses and politics to address SDG11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities. Become part of a meaningful innovation program and actively shape a better future!  

Innovate2030-SDG11 is jointly initialized by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and its new lab for digital innovations – digilab – in collaboration with the Make-IT Alliance.

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The Program

The world is becoming increasingly urbanized. Cities and metropolitan areas are powerhouses of economic growth. However, they also account for about 70 per cent of global carbon emissions and over 60 per cent of resource use. Rapid urbanization is resulting in a growing number of slum dwellers, inadequate and overburdened infrastructure and services worsening air pollution or unplanned urban sprawl.

Developing our cities and communities and making them inclusive, digital, safe, resilient, and sustainable is therefore one of the biggest challenges but also opportunitiesDigital innovations, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain are proving unprecedented opportunities to tackle these.

This is the reason that this year’s Innovate2030 program initialized with BMZ digilab and in collaboration with the Make-IT Alliance is focusing on SDG11: „Sustainable Cities and Communities“. The innovation program is based on a solution-oriented approach to climate innovation in the context of sustainable cities and communities. And this is where you come into play! The Digital Generation brings all the potential to meet the Challenges for their cities and communities – so join forces with all stakeholders of this unique innovation program around the globe and apply your innovation spirit to develop or apply existing solutions that will benefit our society.  The participation is based on seven relevant challenges identified by policymakers, corporate partners or citizens. Browse them below. 

The Challenges

more information about the INNOVATE2030-Challenge

Social Wall #INNOVATE2030

Watch out: Your commitment to Social Media will also be rewarded! We will award a Social Media Prize to all participating teams after the successful completion of the programThe team that documents its own project progress in the most exciting and creative way on social media will receive a prize of 1.000 EUR! 

Link the following hashtags under each post:

#INNOVATE2030 #Teamname on the Platform #InnovateChallengeAccepted

You can participate via the common Social Media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The winner is the team that has most creatively documented its journey and efforts and achieved the most postings and likes until the final event. Suitable descriptions of the Challenge and pictures of the post can be found in our Social Media Kit. You can follow the project progress of all teams on our Social Wall.

Media and Press

Are you a journalist and would like to report on the Innovate2030 project?
You are welcome to download the project’s Social Media Kit and use the content available in it.

Innovate 2030 SDG 12 - first round

In 2021 we sucessfully conducted through the first project of this series with INNOVATE2030 SDG12.

We counted 100 submissions with 16 finalteams and 8 winning teams! The projects of the final teams from the INNOVATE2030 series were also presented in detail in a joint publication. This publication is intended to stimulate a discourse in the interaction between science, business and politics, especially at the European level.

more information about the INNOVATE2030-Challenge