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The world doesn’t lack information or ways to store knowledge - our problem is to find and use the right information’s to do better. Better decision making considering our environment, better understanding of each other and better governance to make informed decisions that make our world a safer and greater place.

Our AI & Data Science Innovation Program aims to achieve these goals as quickly as possible.

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The AI & Data Science program is our annual innovation program focussing on innovative solution concepts based on data, algorithms and artificial intelligence. The goal of the program is to create an exchange between people, industries and organizations from all backgrounds and areas of expertise to drive positive change in the world through sustainable, future-oriented innovations. The program involves leading pioneers and hidden champions from a variety of industries. Together with young innovators from the digital generations, practical and marketable solutions are co-created. Regarding the last issue we look back at:
Distinct Solutions
11 Final Teams
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Algorithms can do better, so let’s #findtherightpattern!

Artificial Intelligence and its applications have many different use cases – to create sustainable solutions that help our economy, society and environment, in the latest edition we created the following challenges with our providers.

BMW Group: Joy through diversity at the BMW Group
How can we reach more diversity in the working environment & create inclusive communication with AI & Data Science?

Dentons: Accelerating ESG-related legal research technology
How can an AI-based solution/application successfully automate and individualize screening, analysis, and visualization of ESG regulations relevant to specific stakeholders?

Fraport AG: Accelerating Cyber Intelligence powered by AI  How can AI & data driven solutions support us identifying security threats & breaches or automatize analyzing vulnerabilities?

SIXT: The Future of Smart Fleet Management
How can AI & data driven solutions support Sixt optimizing existing business models and foster greener mobility with data analyses?


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ekipaOpen Innovation Incubator

The Darkside of AI

You may have seen many of the headlines in our picture. Funny and sometimes dangerous failures of software that show us:
Humans aren’t perfect, and machines certainly aren’t too.

One reason for these failures is the data the algorithms received. They often showed biases that we humans have for recruiting and lack the needed information for certain actions. This, of course, could be fixed by better data collecting and filtering of the data before giving it to the algorithms. This brings us to the second reason for these failures.

The Developers Community is very homogenous, so they don't have the eye for certain topics. With more female and BIPOC programmers or people that working in different field, the chance of finding failures in the early stage of software development would be higher.

So let us bring light into the world of AI & Data Science and create divers teams, that can overcome the following challenges with their ideas and solutions!

AI for Good FoundationWe’re here to measure and accelerate progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through zero footprint AI.

Current & Past Challenges

AI & Data Science Innovation
The Future of Smart Fleet Planning
Accelerating ESG-related legal research technology
Accelerating Cyber Intelligence
BMW Group
Joyful Diversity with AI
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