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Our world is no longer short of information or ways to store knowledge. Rather, we need to draw the right conclusions from this in order to be able to make the right decisions and lead our world into a successful, sustainable and liveable future.

In our AI & Data Science programme, we are therefore looking for solutions in the field of data-driven technologies that help companies from a wide range of industries to automate and optimise processes, develop new business models and apply innovative technologies in the field of AI and BI.

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Our global AI & Data Science Program focuses on innovative solutions around data driven technologies. Challenge topics can be found in various sub-areas of AI and BI: From tools and solutions for analysing large amounts of data to machine & deep learning or generative models. The goal of the program is to create an exchange between the digital generation, science and business that will enable participants to help shape our path to a sustainable future and create a real impact for our society.

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Algorithms can do better, so let’s #findtherightpattern!

Artificial Intelligence and its applications have many different use cases – to create sustainable solutions that help our economy, society and environment, in the current edition we created the following challenges with our providers.

Almi Invest: Venture Capital meets AI
How can AI enhance the process of identifying promising startups for venture capital investment?

APG: A personalized pension guide with AI
In what ways can generative AI, such as ChatGPT, enhance the Customer Experience of APG as a pension administrator/ pension fund by delivering personalized pension information that meets regulatory requirements as well as the expectations of its pension participants, and reduces the need for manual content creation?

3D-Modelling: Visual Intelligence and 3D-Modelling for next-level Retail
How can relevant 3D models be created automatically from object photos in retail, such as product packaging or bottles?


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Let’s use AI to turn good into better!

Data driven technologies in Artificial Intelligence are already revolutionizing industries as we know them. The potential is limitless. However, to harness its true power and mitigate potential risks, we must incorporate diverse perspectives, identify meaningful applications, and address ethical concerns.

In the AI & Data Science program, our aim is to contribute to this endeavor by fostering collaboration between startups, researchers, and business based on real-world use cases. Together, we embark on a journey to reshape both the economy and society, adapting innovative data-driven technologies to steer toward a better tomorrow.

At ekipa, we firmly believe that cross-generational and cross-sectoral exchange is key to applying new technologies in a meaningful way and creating sustainable change - because shared knowledge accelerates progress!

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AI & Data Science Innovation
Almi Invest
Venture Capital meets AI
A personalized pension guide with AI
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Joyful Diversity with AI
Accelerating ESG-related legal research technology
Accelerating Cyber Intelligence
Visual Intelligence and 3D-Modelling for next-level Retail
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