Bianca’s interesting Internship at ekipa - We are ekipa #1

Want to know how we work at ekipa? Join us on a journey through Bianca's internship experience at the Academic Alliance department. Get a glimpse as she shares her personal and professional insights.

First things first: what is your daily lifesaver?
Coffee, coffee, coffee! It kickstarts my day and keeps me energized and focused.

About ekipa

Fostering collaboration between ekipa and my hometown university (in the USA) is a significant achievement. This partnership is deeply meaningful, and I hope it endures.

Favorite activities at work
Interacting with our network of academics and startups broadens my horizons and plays a significant role in building and strengthening our partnerships. Developing new concepts for ekipa's growth is particularly rewarding, especially when I receive positive feedback for these efforts.

Must do tasks
Reporting updates during our daily company meeting, conducted in German, is a "frog" task. Communicating in German, my third language, can be challenging, but I prepare my thoughts and trust my colleagues appreciate my effort.

About my colleagues & ekipa
I appreciate that Katharina, the head of the Academic Alliance department, has facilitated Joint Work sessions and coffee breaks. These interactions contribute to positive morale and team building.

My team is key Moment
Traveling to Frankfurt to kick off consulting sprints with a diverse group of founders was a key moment. It allowed me to represent ekipa cross-functionally and contribute to providing value to the participating startup founders.

My Bravery Moment
Introducing ekipa’s innovation challenges to about 300 students during my first project kickoff was a brave moment that went very well.

Future & Career Planning
The internship at ekipa has deepened my passion for fostering innovative ideas with social impact and sustainability. I'm more determined than ever to align my career path with the insights and skills I've gained during my time at ekipa.

More about Bianca

Career aspirations as a child
I dreamt of becoming a philosopher as a child. As I grew older, I found a new passion for interior design.

I love to travel, and gardening is my most cherished hobby.

Favorite song (for work)
One song that I enjoy working to is called “Es geht mir gut” by AnnenMayKantereit. It puts me in a good mood.

Innovation for an easier life
A dynamic chair or desk that allows simple exercises while working would make my life easier.

Anything else you want to give people?
My belief in the transformative potential of sustainable innovation drives my enthusiasm for working at ekipa. I embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and making a positive impact on the world.

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