ekipa News: Collaboration and Program Updates

We have a lot of exciting news and updates to share, showcasing the dynamic activities and significant achievements within our community. From high-profile patronages and groundbreaking innovation programs to engaging events and impactful collaborations, there's much to celebrate.

Patronage by Christian Lindner and Marco Buschmann

We are delighted to announce the esteemed patronage of two prominent figures in our latest innovation programs.

Marco Buschmann Supports Legal Tech Innovation Program

Marco Buschmann, the German Federal Minister of Justice, supports the Legal Tech Innovation Program. This program, facilitated by ekipa, fosters collaboration among startups, tech companies, academia, and industry experts to drive significant advancements in legal technology. The initiative addresses real-world challenges in the legal sector by leveraging innovative technological solutions. Buschmann’s endorsement underscores the importance of modernizing legal practices and enhancing access to justice through cutting-edge technology.

Watch the video message from Marco Buschmann here.

Christian Lindner Rejoins Future Finance Program

Christian Lindner, the German Federal Minister of Finance, is once again participating in the Future Finance Innovation Program as its patron. This program, a collaboration between ekipa and the German Federal Ministry of Finance, calls on researchers, young professionals, students, and startups to develop new approaches or apply existing solutions to shape the future of finance. Emphasizing digital transformation, the program aims to create a more efficient, resilient, and competitive economy. Previous editions have involved over 264 researchers and startups from 33 countries, contributing 99 innovative solutions to financial challenges.

We are honored to have the support of Marco Buschmann and Christian Lindner in these vital initiatives, and we look forward to the impactful advancements these programs will bring to the legal and financial sectors.

Event Highlights

As we move through the year, our community continues to engage in groundbreaking events and challenges. Here are some of the notable highlights from recent activities, showcasing the incredible progress and innovation driven by our partners and participants.

Samsung Solve of Tomorrow @ Hinterland of Things Conference

The Hinterland of Things Conference in Bielefeld showcased the remarkable projects of the winners from the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Challenge: Biosheets, AnyCharge, and Speech-to-Health. These teams outperformed over 100 others, receiving six months of intensive support focused on business development. The Demo-Day marked the culmination of the Impact Phase, highlighting the teams' significant progress.

BMW Group Spotlight 2050: Revealing the Unseen @ rad°hub Event, London

In London, the rad°hub event hosted by BMW Group continued the engagement from the "Spotlight 2050" challenge. The challenge focused on identifying underappreciated trends with future impact potential. We were excited to work with winners Anna Pagels and Helen Hofmann and numerous other visionaries to develop new visions for a more sustainable world for two days.

Deloitte’s Quantum Climate Challenge 2024

At Deloitte's Quantum Climate Challenge 2024, winners were unveiled at "The Stage": ImperialQTSoc (1st), HHRI TeamQC (2nd), and Tokenizers (3rd). The event featured a welcome session, compelling team pitches, and a rigorous Q&A with a prestigious jury.

Start of the Summer Batch

We are excited to announce that the start of our Summer Batch is getting closer, collaborating with a remarkable lineup of partners. These organizations bring invaluable expertise and resources to drive our innovation projects forward. Here are some of the participating partners and the focuses of their respective challenges:

  • Sozialbank – Next-Level Fundraising Consulting
  • Sparkassenakademie NRW – Next-Level Employee Education
  • Telekom – AI-Assistant for Content Generation
  • Helaba – Revolutionizing Deal Flow in Corporate Venture Capital Processes

The Summer Batch begins with exciting and forward-thinking projects. We look forward to seeing the innovative solutions that emerge from these partnerships and shaping the future together. Stay tuned for more updates and success stories from our ongoing challenges!

Updates on ekipa’s Innovation Programs

As we reach the midpoint of the year, it's the perfect time to reflect on the groundbreaking challenges hosted by ekipa in collaboration with industry leaders GLS, Aliaxis, Würth, and Wacker Neuson. Here are the details of the finalist teams and the winners who have made significant strides in the first half of the year.

GLS – Transformation in Healthcare: Reshaping Sustainability

In partnership with ekipa, GLS Bank aimed to revolutionize the healthcare industry by promoting sustainable practices within nursing homes and healthcare facilities. The winning team, GreenVision Consultants, impressed with their click dummy platform designed to assist SMEs in their sustainability transformation. This innovative solution is tailored to meet the unique needs of the healthcare sector, promoting long-term sustainability and operational efficiency.

Aliaxis – Adhesive Technology for Drinking Water Pipes

Aliaxis focused on enhancing sustainable piping solutions through innovative adhesive technologies. Two standout teams emerged at the top of the challenge for potential further collaboration:

  • Addible: Specializing in green chemistry, Addible is developing an eco-friendly adhesive that not only boosts the sustainability and efficiency of water systems but also improves their durability and safety.
  • NoviNano Lab: Their pioneering method for water pipe bonding is both fast and environmentally friendly, aiming to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of water infrastructure on a global scale.

Würth – Sustainable Facade Systems

Würth's challenge sought to transform the construction and facade systems landscape by prioritizing sustainability. They have begun collaborating with the finalist team:

  • Cold Pad: This team offers a non-invasive fixing system that addresses thermal bridging issues and minimizes damage costs to substrates such as concrete, composite, glass, or steel. Their solution is not only sustainable but also cost-effective.

Wacker Neuson – Sustainable Construction & Machinery

Wacker Neuson aimed to advance zero emissions and circularity in the construction industry. They are collaborating with three innovative teams at the momen:

  • Circu Li-ion: Providing an automated solution for upcycling end-of-life batteries, Circu Li-ion's technology efficiently disassembles and diagnoses battery packs for reuse or recycling, maximizing urban mining potential.
  • CognitX: Utilizing Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, CognitX enhances data analytics, enabling richer business decisions while ensuring data security and privacy.
  • RespiBit: Focused on respiratory health and environmental monitoring, RespiBit has developed a multi-sensor drone system that accurately measures CO2 emissions from construction sites, improving health and safety standards.

We are thrilled with the progress made by the teams and companies involved in these challenges. Their innovative solutions not only address pressing industry issues but also set the stage for a more sustainable future. We look forward to sharing even more success stories as these collaborations continue to evolve and yield impactful results. Stay tuned for further updates, and feel free to contact us if you'd like to learn more about our programs in 2024!

ekipa News: Collaboration and Program Updates
We have a lot of exciting news and updates to share, showcasing the dynamic activities and significant achievements within our…
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